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Bodadmin.com is the official website for an enterprise application that provides solutions to speed up business innovation, operations integrity and workflow automation.
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Still in development, and created using ejs and Nodejs, EnrolledAgent is a directory of verified accountants, where individuals can search for and hire accountants for their personal or business needs and accountants gets an avenue to showcase their portfolio and meet customers.
Curious is like a clone of brainly.com. I Created it while learning VueJs. I improved it a little after learning Nodejs for backend development.
Created using Vue/NuxtJs and SCSS, solidskodas is an incomplete landing page.
Created using HTML, CSS, JS. ECI is a simple landing page that features html5 media and forms.

My Resume


June 2019 - April 2020

Software Developer Intern

  • Implement user interface for web based NuxtJS project
  • Integrate frontend with Rest backend
  • Review and fix issues from QA
  • Implement features based on feedback from reviews with
Longbridge Technologies Nigeria
August 2020 - February 2021

Freelance Front End Developer

  • Implement User Interface from design using Vuetify on a NuxtJS project.
  • Integrate the user interface with backend.
  • Implement internationalization using NuxtJS/i18n
  • Fix issues according to feedback of each review
Team RevOps
June 2020 - February 2021

Freelance Fullstack Developer

  • Implement the Frontend and Backend of Website
  • Implement security and deployment of application
  • Make changes/Fix issues based on client feedback
January - April 2020

Junior Frontend Developer

  • Convert designs to pixel perfect and responsive web implementation
  • Implement APIs
  • Test and refactor implementation based on feedback
Cyhermes Limited


November 2020 - August 2021

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

A 5-year undergraduate engineering course on practical and theoretical knowledge of computer hardware and software.

The Federal University of Technology Akure
January - May 2018

Frontend Web Development Course

Certificate of completion frontend development course from Andela Learning Community(ALC) with Microsoft

Andela Learning Community with Microsoft
June - ~October 2020

Mobile Web Specialist Track

Learnt more about modern mobile web development with Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2020 in partnership with Andela Learning Community and Pluralsight.

GADS 2020 - Mobile Web Specialist
Adeyinka Adebiyi (yinkash)

About Me

An energetic and imaginative young developer who is able to work alongside other talented IT professionals in creating software to the very highest standards.

I have a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to accessibility, usability and emerging technologies. I am the ambitious type who with the drive and energy to make a difference to a project. Right now, I am looking for an entry level position with an exciting company that wants to attract talented people.

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My Services

Front End Development

I offer front end development using basic technologies like HTML, CSS (or its processors), and JavaScript.

Upon Request, I also create clientside applications using tecnologies like Vue.js and AngularJS.

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Backend Development

If you have a mobile application or a frontened application that needs user registration, login and syncing of data across multiple devices and platforms?

We can deliver a custom back-end solution for your admin panel.

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Photo Editing

I can edit photos, adjust brightness, constrast, add effects and resize images. I can also remove/change background.job-image.

I mainly specialize in getting photos ready for the web.

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My Contact Details

  • Email yinkash1000@gmail.com
  • Phone +234 907 022 3427
  • Address 10, Ajibola Adebiyi Street,
    Aradagun Badagry,
    Lagos Nigeria.